98 Eros et Psyche 1: Man of Her Dreams

In the deepest, darkest recess of my mind, I beckoned to him.

Away from the prying eyes of society, unbound by restrictions and inhibitions, I reached out my hand and called out to him. He, who was my Eros who visited me only at night, could only embrace me in my dreams.

My dream lover, my princeโ€ฆ

In the sanctuary of my chamber, I became Psyche, welcoming my only one in the warmth of my arms. With only the silence of the night as a witness, I set myself free, free to love, and be loved.

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It began on that fateful day when I saw him, an unreachable star in this vast universe. I who was a mere mortal could only yearn for him from afar.

The reality was so much different, however. The lover in my dreams was in fact a cold and distant man โ€“ a loner who looked upon everyone with suspicion. He did not trust and most certainly didn't reach out his hand. Not to me, not to anyone.

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