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Yanee had finished preparing in thirty minutes. She studied her reflection on the mirror with great satisfaction. She wore a sleeveless beige trench dress with a lapel collar that ended just above the knee. The clothes Ami picked for her were chic yet elegant at the same time – a perfect combination for a business meeting. She reckoned she'd give Ami a message of thanks for packing up clothes for her.

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She put on a light make up and took her phone to send her sister a message. It seemed Ami was not busy at the moment as she immediately received a reply.

[Ami: Get me bridal kimonos – all types from Kyoto. I don't care how much. I'll transfer money to you later.]


Ami must be preparing for the wedding expo this year. As one of the famous events planner, her sister's company was very active with exhibits and events to showcase their services. Even if Ami was famous enough for people to come to her even without advertising, her sister still opted to join.

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