174 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 7: The Songwriter

The vibration in her pocket indicated an incoming call, but she took no action to even try to check who it was. Anjee already knew who was calling without looking at it anyway. 


Since she left his house the other day, she had never gone back nor spoken to him again. It's not that she was still mad at him about what happened nor she was confused. Everything was clear to her. This was why, instead of being angry, she was simply heartbroken. 

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The phone in her pocket vibrated again and this time, she shifted in her seat and reached for her pocket so she could touch her mobile phone. Instead of taking it out, however, she just fumbled for the button and switched it off. 

She was not in a good state of mind to talk to Peter at the moment. She was still very sad, at the same time, she's out on official business today. 

Ah, that's right. Anjee suddenly sat up properly upon remembering where she was. 

"Are you okay?" 

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