173 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 6: An Experiment

Slowly, Peter's lips traveled from Anjee's palm to her wrist and kissed the sensitive skin there. She remained open-mouthed as she watched her beloved's mouth travel from her wrist up to her arm. When his breath fanned her neck, she shivered as she closed her eyes. 

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"Anj?" she heard him whisper against her ear and when she opened her eyes to look, Peter was staring at her face, his almond eyes glinting with an intensity she couldn't fathom. 

"Anj," he called out again, and just like a mesmerized child, Anjee watched as his face descended upon her, his lips locking with hers. 

At first, it was a gentle peck. It was as if Peter was hesitating with his actions. When Anjee did not protest nor move, however, his lips locked with hers once more, this time, bolder and more aggressive, using his tongue to pry her mouth open, demanding entrance to her sweet cavern. 

"Hmmmph…" Anjee whimpered as she indulged in the sweet kiss. 

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