172 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 5: This Love That's Miserable

"So, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Peter asked casually thirty minutes and three pancakes after. 

"What's wrong? Nothing," Anjee answered innocently and he frowned. 

Earlier he had been sure she looked troubled. Looking at her now however made him doubt what he'd seen earlier. She was relaxed and was eating her pancake happily which made him uncomfortable. 

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Since he thought she had a problem, he had been watching her face more closely than usual, and so he had seen how her tongue flicked out of those rosy lips when some syrup dripped on her chin or how the fork came in and out of her mouth as she ate her pancake.

Peter knew he shouldn't treat eating pancake as something erotic but that was just what he was thinking. Damn, but he'd never seen any other person eat pancakes as sexily as she did. The head in his nether region quite agreed too as it began to stand up and really pay attention. 

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