171 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 4: Romance

Long, slender fingers caressed the smooth surface of the keyboard as the clock ticked in the wee hours of the morning. Peter's face was set in concentration as he bent over his laptop, typing nonstop words that would complete his next masterpiece. 

It was getting good. Since the day Anjee cooked ramen for him some three months ago, he found his inspiration flowing smoothly and he wasn't stupid to let the chance slip from his fingers. He would complete the novel ahead of schedule. He was sure of it. 

Seconds passed, then minutes, and eventually hours, he continued to write with a determination. Finally, as the clock hit seven in the morning, Peter pressed the last keys and sighed as he stared at the bright screen of the monitor. His hands on the mouse, he scanned the piece he had written and pursed his lips. 

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