170 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 3: The Dream That Won't Come True

"I love you Anj. Do you love me?"

The writer's voice was saccharine sweet, his playful and childish nature reflecting on his tone and Anjee once again paused before she chuckled and stood up. 

"Who'll love you, you big baby," she snorted with a teasing voice as she turned to Peter to ruffle his already disarrayed hair. "Even your mom says you're a pain in the ass," she continued and she squealed when he moved to attack her funny bones as he always did. 

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"Who's a pain in the ass?" Peter countered as he reached out to grab her before she escaped but Anjee was already scurrying out of reach, grabbing the jacket that she tossed on one of the chairs, readying to leave as her rich laughter rang inside the room. 

"Hey, where are you going?" the writer asked, frowning as he watched her walk away and he followed her out of his room, down the hallway. "You don't have work today right?" 

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