169 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 2: Do You Love Me?

The spicy concoction in the pot bubbled as it boiled. The slender built, alabaster-skinned woman standing next to the stove stirred the pot and dipped a spoon to taste her cooking and smiled. 


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Her long raven hair flipped as she turned; she grabbed a bowl and scooped food in it and held it close to her nose to smell its mouthwatering aroma. With a proud smile on her face, she walked towards the room next to the kitchen. The door made a cricking sound when she pushed it with her knee and the sound of the computer keyboard welcomed her.

There, on the far side of the room, her best friend crouched over his laptop, serious at work. For a moment, Anjee paused by the doorway, admiring the sight before her.

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