180 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 13: Balance

Diabetes. The story was pure diabetes. 

Even after a minute or two had passed, Yanee could still taste the sweet, sweet taste of the story in her mouth. She let out a dreamy sigh as she smiled at Anjee knowingly. 

"What's with that look?"Anjee asked, although her mouth had also twitched to the side to keep herself from smiling. 

Yanee knew very well that being reminded with that moment brought insurmountable happiness to Anjee. After all, being confessed to on national television was a one of kind experience— very romantic too! 

Ah… Butterflies flurried in her stomach, her chest filled with happiness for her friend as well as she fought the urge to giggle. 


Yanee paused, amazed at how her mind and heart responded to the story. 

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"What's wrong?"Anjee asked her as she scrutinized her face, and Yanee finally snapped out of her reverie to shake her head with a smile. 

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