179 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 12: Live Confession

Don't ask me if I love you. Don't ask me if I care

If you're playing with my feelings it's more than I can bear

And if this one-sided romance won't even be given a chance

Even if I do love you, even if I truly care

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If it's not what you're feeling it's something I can never bear

I know this one-sided romance won't be given a chance

So don't ask me if I love you 'cause I know this dream of love won't come true…

Soon, the music came to a halt, and yet, Anjee's voice still rang inside the room. When at last, it had truly ended, everyone was quiet until the host started clapping and everyone did the same. 


"That was such an amazing performance!" the host crowed as she stood up and signaled for Anjee to join them on the couch as she introduced her again. "The newest singing sensation, Anjee!" 

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