178 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 11: Dedication

On the set, a very "intimate" interview was ongoing… 

"Mr. Anter Kim, the book Pathos was such a huge success. But," the host paused dramatically as she glanced at the audience. " – it's totally different from your usual writing style so many of your fans, including myself are wondering what brought such change." 

"I..ehrm…" Peter glanced at the audience but couldn't see much due to the spotlight and so he turned his attention back to the host. "I just felt like it." 

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"… Eh?" 


The writer's blunt answer made the people thought they misheard him even the host and Jun Kim who watched on the side palmed her face backstage as she vowed murder. It was a good thing the host was tactful that she was able to recover immediately and ask another question.

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