177 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 10: It's Time

"What the heck did I let you talk me into?" 

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Peter grumbled as he looked at his crimson sweater with distaste. The color was just too cheerful, opposing his current mood. "You even made me wear this," he complained as he pouted. 

Jun Kim rolled her eyes heavenwards as she counted to ten. Lately, the author's taken to throwing unbelievable tantrums and mood swings. As expected, the new novel became not only a hit to the readers but also became the talk of the town due to its 'sheer amazingness' as the critics put it. Due to this, there had been talks about making it into film and the writer had been invited to many shows such as this one.

Usually, Peter wouldn't want to take part in any activity promoting his books. He was just interested in writing them and beyond that, he didn't care. Jun told him, however, that Anjee would be watching this show and it's his chance to get in touch with her.

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