168 Don't Ask Me If I Love You 1: The Writer

"Well, I heard brothers are like that. But if you don't have brothers, I guess male friends are like that," Yanee surmised, and Anjee smiled. 

"Yes, it's like that. I didn't have brothers. Peter was like that for me. He's also a single child, so we kind of started off as close as siblings were, but it grew to something else as we grew older. For me, it's a gradual thing until I was old enough to be aware of love in middle school. For him, it was an instant thing at a random time. He realized his feelings had changed. But he didn't know what to do until we almost separated when I chose to follow a different path from him and he panicked," Anjee shared with a fond smile on her face. Do you know why I know this?" 

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Yanee of course, had no idea and so she shook her head. 

"It's because of this," Anjee said as she placed a recorder on the table and Yanee looked at it with a puzzled expression. 

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