44 Create Your Own Love Story

"You're right on time, boss," Yanee commented as she and Tohru stepped in the elevator.

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"Of course, I've never been late like Ms. Lee," Tohru retorted with a serious face, making Yanee look offended.

"What late? I was never late for work. I always arrive on time unless I have an emergen –" Her voice abruptly stopped as soon as she looked at her boss's face. Even he had on a stoic expression, she realized there was amusement dancing in his eyes and she clamped her mouth shut. Β 

This bully potato!

"Boss, you really like bullying people," she commented as if she was reprimanding an unruly child.

Tohru turned to her with a brow raised. "You're just stuck up Ms. Lee. You should loosen up a bit," he advised, making her nose flare.

"I'm loose enough," she retorted so suddenly making Tohru choke on saliva and had a coughing fit.

Realizing what her words implicated Yanee panicked. Loose? What loose? She wanted to cry at her own words.

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