35 Considerate Little Sister

Ash Li, Ria Chen, Marian Kang, Jena So, Nixie Tan, Kim Song, Jae Jung, Jisoo Park, Anjee Choi…

Yanee's head reeled as she was introduced to the other beauties one by one by Yunjae and Jisoo. She had the feeling akin to a cat's in front of a car's headlights. She was that stupefied – awed by each lady's presence. To say she was star struck was of course overly exaggerating, but the feeling was still close to that.

It was a good thing that she was already familiar with Yunjae – that was the only thing that was keeping her from being washed away and overwhelmed by the women who seemed to be genuinely loved talking to her and getting to know her. Actually, from the moment that she was introduced, they hadn't stopped asking things about her – even personal things such as her likes, dislikes, and her hobbies.

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An overly friendly bunch…

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