165 Can't Be Incompetent

"He's a nice guy. He's very thoughtful."

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Mr. and Mrs. Lee exchanged looks of surprise, but the intensity of the worry in their eyes lessened. Instead, an obvious curiosity marred their faces now as they turned their attention back to their younger daughter. They refrained from speaking, however, and let their eyes do the talking that Yanee understood so well. 

They were waiting for her to spill the beans— or so the saying went. 

But, what to tell them? Yanee was at a loss. She didn't want to tell them his name yet, as she wouldn't be able to express herself well if they suddenly became excited— which she knew they would. Well, based on how they praised the potato earlier, she wouldn't be surprised that they were low-key wishing for someone like him to be their son-in-law. 

"Yanee, your phone's vibrating," Chummy suddenly said, but before she was able to answer, Mrs. Lee dismissed her. 

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