124 BFF Forever

"Yanee, you're back!"

Cynthia Tan came bouncing towards the door as soon as Yanee stepped in the office. Tohru had to make some phone calls and secure her flight tickets so he asked her to go inside first which was good for Yanee. Why? 

Because she wanted to drag someone at the corner somewhere to scold her. 

"Yes, I am,"Yanee retorted with a glare and she quickly pulled Chummy towards the inner office. 

They went inside Tohru's office first so they could go to the resting area within where she slept and took a bath last time. As soon as Yanee closed the door, she attacked Chummy with pinches on her sides. 

"Waaaah!"Chummy squealed as she tried to evade the pinches to no avail. 

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Yanee was a pro-level pincher. 

"Hey! Stop Stop— I surrender general," Chummy laughed and cried at the same time as she wiggled away from Yanee's merciless hands. 

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