123 Back To Tokyo

"You can take a nap if you want, honey," Tohru James told Yanee. 

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The two of them were on board the bullet train bound for Tokyo. It was still early in the morning as they decided to take the earliest train at 6:14AM. After they had dinner with the family last night the two of them stayed by the balcony to talk. They discussed mostly about themselves— getting to know each other and the like and didn't realize the time was already late. 

Tohru was used to not really sleeping a lot, but Yanee wasn't and she ahdn't been sleeping properly the past few days ergo her panic attacks. This was why he urged her to take a rest once they boarded the train. It would take two hours and twenty minutes for them to reach the capital anyway. She had time to nap. 

"Alright," she agreed without a fuss, and a soft smile curved her lips as she leaned back on the seat and closed her eyes. 

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