93 Are you Mad?

"Boss, isn't it more convenient to travel by taxi? I remember finding a parking space is such a pain here in Kyoto," Yanee Lee asked as she looked out the window of the car. 

"Boss?" the handsome man behind the wheel asked with a frown on his face. 

"We're on the job," Yanee retorted and Tohru James was not able to do anything but sigh. 

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"There's a big parking area here that can fit more than five hundred cars," he answered. It's just that it charged around five dollars per hour or five hundred yen, a bit expensive than other areas but he didn't care. 

The two of them were driving around Sakyou-ku area of Kyoto, where one of the most famous cultural structures of the country was located. As they drove, the beautiful red buildings of the huge Shinto shrine with its green roofs were visible. 

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