55 Amethyst Eyes 9: Amethyst Dreams

For someone who used to be a playboy, I sure had come a long, long way into being a better person. But I think it's all because I found true love.

"Tonight is your stag party," my fiancée reminded me with her brows raised.

The two of us were in the living room. Ash sat on the sofa while I used her lap as my pillow. We just got home from meeting with my parents at the restaurant where we had to go through the whole details of our wedding tomorrow for the nth time.

"So it is," I commented blandly as I closed my eyes, totally uninterested.

I felt so drained even though I didn't do much today aside from sit and grope my fiancée under the table while my mom chattered our ears off. She really could win paranoid of the year with the way she panicked over everything. It was a good thing Ash was there to soothe her because I already gave up.

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"You don't sound excited," Ash pouted as she pulled my nose and I sat up in protest. It's painful!


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