53 Amethyst Eyes 8: Amethyst Eyes

"It's not true? But it is," Alex insisted as he studied her face. "You still don't believe a rake like me could transform – but you know what? Maybe you're right," he continued and his smile vanished when Ash turned to him again.

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"Last week, when you asked me to go out with my friends, those friends challenged me into something," he said softly. "There was this beauty at the bar we went to you see, and she was a legend there. They're trying to see who could win the beauty's heart and her bed – sounds so familiar don't you think?"

He let out a pathetic laugh and he watched as Ashley's fists clenched on her lap. Her face crumpled as she started crying again.

"They call this beauty Amethyst Eyes. She had this pair of huge violet eyes which drew everyone who saw them."

Upon hearing the color, Ash looked up in confusion.

"V-violet eyes?" she asked, her lips trembling.

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