52 Amethyst Eyes 7: Frozen

Alex was having an affair!

Ashley's face crumpled in her agony; her heart squeezed painfully in her chest. She bit her lip as she recalled when Alex arrived early in the morning. If her fiancé came home smelling like alcohol that first night, early this morning, he came home smelling like something else.


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It was as if Alex took a bath before coming home from wherever he'd been the night before until three in the morning.

Could it be?

Could Alex really be with someone else last night? It's possible…

The thought of someone else with her lover sent a new wave of despair washing over her. She slowly slid on the tiled floor, feeling weak as she continued to cry silently.

"What to do?" Her worst fear seemed to have come true and two days before her wedding at that. "What to do?" she asked again. She was at a complete loss.

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