49 Amethyst Eyes 4: Veni, Vidi, Vici

In the end, Alex decided to meet with his college buddies – something he'd never done since meeting Ashley. After ending the call, he took some time to calm himself down. He sat behind his desk for half an hour before he was calm enough to go.

He sent Ash a message saying that he'd just drop by and say hello to his friends then go back home immediately, but she sent him a message that made him upset once more.

[It's okay. I won't be home either. You should stay and spend time with your friends too. ]

Upon reading the message, Alex basically gave up.


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If Ashley wanted him to go out and stay out he would. There's no point trying to find a way to be with someone who obviously didn't want to spend time with him today. He'd just hurt himself more. With a frustrated snort, he got up from his chair, grabbed his jacket and left. Soon, he was finally reunited with old friends.

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