48 Amethyst Eyes 3: Bitter Taste of Defeat

Ashley leaned against the door as soon as she got out of the CEO's office. Her eyes filled with pain, regret, and self-derision that until now she was still unable to give her lover a proper reply. God knew Ash loved Alex so much. But the secretary was still scared and had no idea how to handle this love.

Alex Li was a playboy – an infamous one.

There was no one who was able to tame or catch him until he met her. But she knew that it was only because she gave him a hard time in wooing her. Now that she had Alex, she feared that if she changed, if she showed the other who she really was, she would lose him.

It pained her that she had to restrain herself from showing Alex how much she loved him. But the idea that if she did, he might find her boring, after all, was much scarier. She feared that after seeing who she really was Ashley would just suddenly find herself alone – just one of Alex's many conquests.

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