163 Amazing

"Well, I'm not lying to you now," Yanee countered with a pout. 

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"Are you sure?" her parents prompted again as they scrutinized her face. 

This made Yanee torn between laughing and crying. Why wouldn't they believe her? It was good that at this moment that Chummy returned with the drinks. 

"I'm sure. If you want to, ask Chummy," Yanee murmured, feeling a bit aggrieved that her parents didn't believe her. But she knew it was her fault anyway. 

At the mention of her name, Chummy chuckled. However, since she's the great sidekick, she quickly pacified the elderly couple. 

"Uncle, Auntie, don't worry about Yanee at work. She's actually doing very well. She not only got promoted, but she was also given a very important job right now," Chummy said meaningfully. 

The couple's brows rose as they transferred their gaze from Chummy to Yanee. 

"Mom, Dad, why do you look at me like that? Am I really not that trustworthy?" Yanee complained. 

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