54 Alex Li


Yanee blinked several times as if in a daze.

What did just happen?

She looked and felt confused.

What did she just hear?

Until now she couldn't really process what she just heard. She looked at Ashley who grinned at her, her light brown eyes sparkling in amusement, and she felt all the more confused.

"E-Excuse me?"

After several attempts at trying to comprehend what happened, Yanee admitted defeat. She reckoned she might have heard wrong and didn't want to assume.


It's better to ask again than misunderstand, even if it meant that it might annoy the other person. "You are… Amethyst Eyes?"

Seeing her predicament, Ashley's grin turned into full-blown laughter. She threw back her head and just guffawed as she clapped her hands together. She tried to nod in answer to Yanee's question nonetheless, and the other couldn't believe it.

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Seriously? Like seriously?

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