135 Absolutely, Positively 9: The King Is A Wolf

"Why don't you guys sit?" she invited as she ushered the group towards a miraculously vacant table. The group happily followed her, asking about her husband as they sat. "Alvin was kidnapped by my son but he will be back in a while."

"A son?" one of the friends asked, but there was no malice in their voice and so Jena explained. 

"I… I'm a single parent," she answered, embarrassed for the first time that she came to the marriage as a set, but, of course, she wasn't embarrassed about her son. Though deep inside, there was a part of her that wished Sam was truly Alvin's. 

"Ah, but is that your son over there?" another friend asked and Jena turned to where he was pointing at. 

On the far side of the room, Alvin who was still carrying a sleepy Sammy talked with what appeared to be business acquaintances. Her son had his head on his new dad's shoulder, facing their way and once again, she was hit by how much the two looked alike.

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"Oh my…" 

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