132 Absolutely, Positively 6: On the Spot

"One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me…"

Alvin watched in amusement as his son seriously divided the food between them. The two of them were sitting on one of the benches outside on the school grounds. Before coming here, he had bought disposable plates and chopsticks and two bottles of Sam's favorite drink just as the boy requested. It seemed his son forgot his juice bottle at home so he asked him to get him some.

Sammy was now using the chopsticks to transfer food from his lunchbox to the paper plates he bought. Looking at him reminded Alvin of himself years ago. His parents were right. Sam was his dead ringer. It's a wonder Jena hadn't noticed it yet.

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"Oh no!" Sam exclaimed making Alvin turn his attention back to his son's face. 

The boy looked genuinely distressed. 

"What's wrong Sammy?" he asked and the boy pouted. 

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