131 Absolutely, Positively 5: 8 Years Overdue

Back in his apartment, his friends helped him put Jena on the bed. 

"Alvin, we can't stay," they said afterwards and the dancer nodded. "Don't worry, I'll call my sister and then send you a message."

His friend's sister was a doctor and she could keep secrets. 

"Thanks," he told his friends although he was very anxious to be left alone with the sleeping beauty. 

He had no idea whatsoever what to do. If only Jena just slept, but she didn't. It seemed that even if they made her vomit the contents of her stomach, she had already digested some of the drug.

"Hurts…hurts…" Jena cried in her sleep and when Alvin came near her to wipe the sweat on her forehead, her hands clamped on his arm.


He turned and saw her glazed doe eyes opened. 

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"Help…it hurts…" she cried, fat tears fell from her eyes.

"What hurts?" Alvin asked worriedly as he surveyed the beauty's body for injury but Jena shook her head. 

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