129 Absolutely, Positively 3: A Secret

A tall man with a small handsome face, a pair of upturned light brown eyes, and pouty lips stepped out of the shiny black car and trudged into the parking lot towards the elevator which would lead to his penthouse suite on the topmost part of the luxurious high-rise building. He tugged at his tie as he walked, and as soon as he reached the sanctuary of his suit, he let out an audible sigh.

Today had been exhausting and depressing. Well, it was not about work. Work was a breeze compared to his real concern. Jena Wang.

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It's already a month since he was introduced to the beautiful secretary and a year and a month since he had audibly proposed to her in front of his parents. He had been courting, flirting with Jena for the most part of their time together but until now, she still remained adamant that she's not prepared to be in a relationship.

Jena had told him flatly that she had a son hoping to shock the young president, and Alvin was indeed shocked. 

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