142 Absolutely, Positively 16: Absolute Positivity

"I don't care!" Jena announced as she cupped her husband's face. 

There was a moment in her life that she was so down— down enough to consider taking her life. She had also been filled with hatred for a while— anger towards the friends she thought she had, anger towards the man who had taken her body, and most of all, anger towards herself. 

She had thought that she had to do what other people did in order to belong. It was why she ended up in bad company. If she weren't so stupid and naïve she wouldn't have ended up being a victim that night. 

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But Sam changed all of that. Being able to have him was worth all the darkness she had to go through. 

And in the end, Alvin was the father of her son all along. She didn't care about the past anymore. 

"I don't care about anything else right now. As long as it's you. As long as it's you… I love you," she sobbed as she and Alvin cried and smiled together as they held onto each other. 

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