141 Absolutely, Positively 15: Finally Telling the Truth

Alvin rolled Jena over so they could lie in a spoon position. His arm firmly wrapped around her middle while his other hand caressed her hair, soothing her. This was it. It was now or never. He would tell the truth, he decided as he started with his story.

"When I was young, I was so addicted to dance," he began and Jena frowned wondering what this story got to do with her confession about Sam's father, but she kept quiet and listened as she promised she would. 

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"Back then, I had an agreement with my parents. They'd let me dance as long as I'd like but once I graduated from college, I'd leave it and start focusing on handling our business. They even booked me a flight to the US the day after my graduation. Well, for me that was okay. I understood that I could never dance forever but I loved the dance floor so much I'd agree to anything as long as I could be on it."

Jena turned her head to glance at his face. She still had no idea where this was going.

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