140 Absolutely, Positively 14: The Truth She Didn't Want

"Have you forgotten how he did you at the restroom? He said you enjoyed it," the nasty girl egged and Jena's sister hit the table and stood up in anger.

"Okay, that's enough," she said as she grabbed Jena's hand and pulled her up.

"Miss, your order's here," the waiter said and Jena's sister took a huge bill out of her bag and handed it to the man. 

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"Good," the furious sister said as she took the glass of lemonade and threw the contents at the malicious bitches who screeched in shock. "Let's go," she said as she grabbed Jena's hand and pulled her out of the café and back to their waiting car.

"Big Sis…" Jena spoke for the first time and her sister quickly turned to her. 

Jena's eyes were filled with tears, her body shaking as her hands covered her mouth.

"Jena…" her sister called out and she broke down. 

"Big Sis, it's not Alvin. It's not him. I'm so dirty... Dirty!" she cried, and her sister's heart broke into many pieces for her.

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