139 Absolutely, Positively 13: Old Place, Old Friends

"Are you okay? You feel cold," Alvin asked Jena as soon as she sat next to him.

"Yeah," she murmured as she nodded. "I just felt a little woozy earlier. But I'm feeling better now," she continued as she placed her other hand over her bulging stomach. 

At four and a half months into her pregnancy, her baby had started moving. She smiled a little as she felt her little one move within her but at the same time, she felt tears in her eyes.

"Jena? What's wrong?" Alvin asked worriedly as he grabbed a tissue and wiped his wife's tears. 

"Nothing," Jena whispered as she shook her head. "Must be hormones," she continued as she stood up.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Sam asked. 

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His small face mirrored his father's worry as he eyed his parents. 

"Nothing sweetheart. Mommy's just tired," she answered as she walked towards her son and gave him a kiss. "You go to school with dad okay? Mommy will sleep," she added and the little boy bobbed his head.

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