137 Absolutely, Positively 11: Possibility

"You're still awake," Alvin commented as he entered their bedroom. 

Jena was sitting in the middle of their huge bed with a thoughtful expression on her face. When her husband joined her, she moved to her side and waited for Alvin to settle in before she let herself be pulled by her husband against his body.

"Today's been scary," she whispered as she placed her cheek against Alvin's chest, feeling his steady heartbeat as she did. "I'm so glad Sammy's doing fine now," she continued with a sigh. 

After his shots, the doctor just had Sammy finish the IV drip he was given before he was allowed to go home. Their little boy was now sleeping peacefully in his own room.

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"I'm glad that he's okay too," Alvin murmured as he reached out for the lamp and killed the switch. 

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