136 Absolutely, Positively 10: Like Father, Like Son

"Sammy, sweetheart, are you okay?" Jena asked worriedly by the bathroom's door. 

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Sammy was having a stomachache and said he wanted to poop. Normally, her son would go to the loo alone as Sam was an independent kid, and so, she was wondering why her son was acting like a big baby today.

Then again, it must be the crowd. The multitude of strangers making her little boy shy and clingy— not that Jena would complain. At least she had an excuse to take a break from the whirlwind of people and sit down for a change. 

"Sammy? Do you want mom to come inside?"

"No mom. Just stay there," her son answered and Jena sighed as she walked towards the bed and sat there. 

She had brought Sam in her and Alvin's room for another purpose. She wanted to think. She couldn't get Alvin's friends' words off her mind now that she had an opportunity to be alone.

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