127 Absolutely, Positively 1: A Mother

"So, how was it?"

The slender woman paused from removing her shoes by the doorway and looked up to face the owner of the voice. The room was dark saved for the dim light from the stairs on the far right side which illuminated her pale skin. Her beautiful, elfin face, with her huge pair of eyes, pointed nose and rosy lips was half hidden in the shadows but the smile which painted her earlier solemn face lit up the place. 

"You're still awake!" she exclaimed a little sternly but the twinkle in her eyes removed the seriousness of her voice.

The little boy standing a few feet away from the woman pouted, the same way his parent always did when told off. He wasn't sulking though. He was after all genuinely concerned with the way his mother's evening went. 

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"How was it?" he asked again in that endearingly small voice of his and his mother sighed as she smiled again.

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