34 A Pouting Potato

"I'm so glad to finally meet you," Jisoo Park crowed in delight.

If other people would say it to her face, Yanee, of course, wouldn't believe them. But Jisoo Park looked genuinely happy and she felt her warmth when she talked to her that Yanee had no choice but to believe. Besides, compared to these people here, there was nothing she had that would make people covet or scheme against her. It was safe to accept their warm welcome at face-value.

"Tohru always talked about you, so it made me very curious," she added which made Tohru suddenly cough.

Yanee watched curiously as Jisoo suddenly covered her mouth as if she said something that she was not supposed to say, and Yanee suddenly felt nervous again.

Eeeeh? Her boss talked about her?  

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