167 A Male Best Friend

"I'll let Ami pummel him if he quarreled with our baby."

Tohru James was lucky enough that he hadn't sipped that tea yet. If not he'd surely make a mess. How to respond to that? He had no idea so he just looked at Yanee's parents innocently and smiled. 

"Ah, uncle, auntie, there won't be any problems," Chummy hurriedly said. 

"Really?"Mrs. Lee asked dubiously. 

Tohru then took this chance to say something. 

"Yanee's boyfriend is totally whipped," he offered but instead of appeasing the couple, they looked more concerned now. 

"Whipped? By Yanee?"Mr. Lee asked, and when he nodded, the couple exchanged looks. 

"What's wrong?"Tohru asked and for the first time, he thought he said something not only unnecessary but also wrong. 

"Is her boyfriend really alright?" Mr. Lee asked with a frown and Tohru became a bit nervous. 

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"Alright?" he prompted.

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