58 A Frog That Is A Prince


Tohru looked up to see Chummy waiting for him outside his office door. He stepped out and closed it behind him before inquiring about what she wanted with his arched brows.

"Er…Where is Yanee?" she asked and Tohru smiled.

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He lifted his hand and pointed at the closed door of his office with his thumb. "She's back there, sleeping."

Chummy's eyes popped out – or close to that in her shock.   "Sleeping?"

Tohru nodded. "There's a nap area there. I made her use it so she won't be sleepy later at the interview."

Chummy's mouth formed an O in understanding, but her eyes told something different. She squinted at him as if trying to analyze something on his face.

"Is there a problem?"Tohru asked as he walked over to Yanee's table and sat there.

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