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Read ODYSSEY OF A DREAMER novel written by the author the_fallen on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Competitive Sports stories, covering romance, action, comedy, r18, campus. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(WARNING, THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT.) [ON HOLD FOR THE MEAN TIME] ______________ "Let go of me." She uttered coldly at the young man that wrapped one of his hands around her waist, from behind, as they hid in the shade of a dark corner, that could barely contain the two of them. She has never been touched so intimately like this by the opposite gender. The feel of his hand around her waist and the heat from his body, repulsed her. He pulled her closer to his chest and whispered in her ear, in a low but harsh tone; "Shut up! Are you trying to blow our cover!? If you would prefer to be held by those guys, then please, go ahead, be my guest. Just don't implicate me." The man's grip on her waist began loosening and slipping off. When this happened, she noticed that a part of her body was protruding out of the corner. This frightened her. Instinctively, she caught the man's hand before it had completely slipped off her waist and pushed her body onto his. Every part of her behind rested on the man now. "Shameless," He uttered in disgust. His words cut through her like a knife would. It was clear in the way he spoke that he wasn't interested in touching her. In a way, she felt insulted, she couldn't figure out how the man behind her felt disgusted by her body. Her body was to die for. Suddenly, she felt a hard bulge poking the upper part of her butt cheek. Knowing what it was, she smirked. "Vile hypocrite!!" She uttered loudly in triumph. "Aayyoo boys!! I heard a sound coming from over there!!" Immediately they heard this, the smirk on the girl's face disappeared and was replaced with fear. Her heart began beating faster and harder, scared of what was about to befall them. "I told you to shut up." The guy said angry before pushing her off his body and taking off. This scared the girl, she thought that he was leaving her to die, as if cold water had been splashed on her, she regretted her actions... _____________ A story about a young man that meets the many faces reality has. He struggles to fit-in, in a society that rejects a presence like his. His not-so-financially stable family struggling to pay the debts that they owe and trying to provide a better life and a better opportunity for their kids. He is faced with many obstacles, from his parents, his emotions, and the people around him. Not long after getting a scholarship to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, he found out that there was something he wanted to do. For the first time in his life, he wanted something so bad that it affected his rationality, he wanted to play soccer. He fell in love with the game, the joy that it brought to his heart, the peace that it brought to his mind. This game of ball brewed dreams for him, dreams different from the ones his parents had for him. This could only mean trouble to him. Join in and read as he struggles to try and live up to his dreams and the dreams of his parents. Learn his Odyssey to stardom... __________ Note: MOST OF THE PLACES, CHARACTERS, AND ORGANIZATIONS IN THIS BOOK ARE FICTIONAL. DISCLAIMER: THE COVER OF THE BOOK WAS BORROWED. IF THE OWNER SEES IT AND WANTS IT REMOVED, PLEASE INDICATE IN THE REVIEW OR COMMENT SECTION.


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Hey!! author here. I don't have much to say, I got this amazing idea about this book and decided to start it. Although I'm not the best author out there, i hope i can execute this idea perfectly. Enjoy and please leave your reviews so that i can know what you think about this book.


not many good football stories on here but this is shaping up to look like one. I can only hope the author sticks to it while not many people have found it yet because there's not many chapter, I'm rooting for your story.


I LOVE this history and I Hope that hoy don't frío, because it's fantastic Shhehdheuejdjeujejejduejddjejjejejejdnbdjdbdbdbdhdjdjdhdhdhhedhfhhffhhffhhddhdhdhdhdhdhhdhejejejejejejejejejejeje[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Fine read overall a bit of slower pace but chapters are long enough to make up for that .......... . ............... .........................


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