Odin the Boundless

To the newest incarnation of Odin Borison, the All-Father and ruler of Asgard, a unique change occurs. Not only does this reincarnation merge Odin with the knowledge of his past incarnations, but it also introduces a fascinating twist: the infusion of meta-knowledge from another existence. In this new life, Odin becomes a fusion of his former selves and the accumulated wisdom and abilities of a separate existence (another reincarnator). This unexpected fusion bestows upon Odin everything that was which the other life wished for ... Essence of the King and Essence of the Blank ... what is that?

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32 Chs

Zgreb the Aspirant

(Odin POV)

I walk into the throne room with my children and then sit down on my throne. Both Thor and Aldrif know to be quiet if they want to attend these meetings. I place them both on one leg each. I can already see a problem arising in the future, when I have more children ... I only have so many legs. Nevermind that. 

"You may begin.", I start the meeting officially and Heimdall nods his head. 

"Your Majesty, a few hours ago, a giant landed on Midgard and has started to look for something. This giant is unlike anything we have ever seen so far, but according to some of the information you have provided the library, we assume that it is a 'Celestial'. 

The research department has notified us that the power this Celestial exudes is higher than anything they have ever seen, apart from His Majesty himself. We are unsure what the powers are apart from what Your Majesty has told us. 

How would you like for us to deal with this?"

"How is the situation in Jotunheim?", I ask. 

"We are currently very a short moment away from completely subduing the Jötunns. The same for Svartalfheim.", Heimdall tells me. That is good. So I will have to deal with Laufey after Zgreb. That can easily be done. 

"Very well. I shall deal with this Celestial myself. I want you to continue the war and wrap it up shortly. After I am finished with Zgreb, I will go to Jotunheim and deal with Laufey. After Laufey, I will think of a punishment for Svartalfheim. It is enough with their plotting and scheming. I shall find a more ... permanent solution.", I say and end the meeting. 


I walk out of the room, holding the hands of both Aldrif and Thor. Although Thor is a bit harder to hold by his hands because he is still so small. But if his sister does it, he wants to do it as well. 

Aldrif is very excited as she has understood what was being said in the meeting. She is very smart and since Odin allowed Aldrif to attend most meetings since she was 2 years old, she has grown accustomed to the proceedings. She pulls and presses my hand in excitement. 

"Dad! Dad! You're going to Midgard, right? To fight that giant?"

"Aye, I will go to Midgard to fight that Celestial. If he is left unchecked, he will cause a lot of destruction to your mother's planet and a lot of hard work would be for nought.", I explain to them.

"Mom's ... planet?", Thor asks a bit confused. He hasn't learned about Gaea just yet but his learning starts in a few weeks and now that Aldrif is going to start learning how to fight, Thor would most likely also want to do that. I will have to find a way to have them both study. 

"Yes, Thor. Mommy is and has a planet. You will learn that soon.", Aldrif explains very briefly but then looks at me again. 

"So what is it that you wish to ask me Aldrif? Remember what I told you?"

"Being smart and using my intelligence is good, but don't try to fool or trick my family.", she recites and I nod. She doesn't yet understand that I know everything she wants to ask anyway but I want her to be honest with me and Gaea, no matter what happens. 

"I would like to come with you and see how you fight that Celestial. Pleeeaaaaseee!"

"Try to convince me Aldrif. Not with my love for you, but try to use arguments to convince me, why it is in my and your best interest to take you with me. You won't always have to deal with me and to know how to use good arguments is important. So show me that you are indeed a good hunter.", I tell her as we arrive in our living quarters. 

I place Aldrif and Thor next to each other on a comfortable and big sofa and sit in front of them. Aldrif nods her head and begins to think. Gaea walks in and watches us from the door with a smile. 

"Aye, I am ready.", Aldrif says and looks at me with a serious expression. I nod my head as well and listen. 

"I'm listening."

"Father, you love us don't you?"

"Aye, with all my heart.", I say and she nods her head. 

"Good. Now there might come a time when I or Thor would be alone somewhere. There might be a surprise attack from the Dark Elves or a very powerful enemy arrives and engages with you in a battle, leaving us to fend for ourselves. 

In times like that, I would need to be prepared and know how to act and how to fend for myself and my family. So the earlier I get experience the better. And this fight you will have against this powerful Celestial is a good way to gain experience.", Aldrif finished.

"I understand ... you appeal to my love for you and your mother and my wish that nothing happens to you ... A good argument, daughter. I accept your argument as valid and will take you all to Midgard. You may observe from afar, but not interfere. And should your Mother decide that it is enough, you will obey. Are these terms agreeable for you both?", I ask a bit in earnest and a bit in jest. 

"Yes!" "Yeah!", they both say and jump in happiness. 

Gaea walks in, embraces me and sits on my lap. 

"Did you just allow both our two children to observe a battle between you and a Celestial?", she asks. 

"Aye, I did. Her arguments were sound and it won't do them any harm to see the dangers and true powers of the Universe. Although Zgreb, is not going to be on the top of his game, it is still a good experience for them."

"Why won't he ... aha, the Horde."

"Aye, the Horde."



(3rd Person POV)

The Bifrost brings Odin and his family to Midgard. In the distance, the Celestial Zgreb who is now called the Sorrower is seen. Zgreb came to Earth in search of the Progenitor who came to the planet billions of years ago. The reason for that was that the Progenitor was infected with the Horde. 


The Progenitor came to Earth, to die. Life, as it will come to be known and already exists on Earth, is the result of the diseased Progenitor, vomiting its liquified space innards onto the planet. All living creatures on Earth are the product of the energy coming from a dying Celestial. 

And now Zgreb came looking for the Progenitor and didn't know that the larvae were waiting for exactly such an occurrence. The Horde's eggs were waiting and as soon as Zgreb made contact, he was infected with the Horde as well. This leads to this moment when Zgreb is succumbing to the disease and is thrashing around in pain and anger.


Odin approaches Zgreb slowly until he stands in front of him. Then he begins to grow larger and larger until he is as tall as the Celestial. His presence is dominating and heavy. It demands respect and he exudes power, raw and unbridled power. 

"Celestial. What brings you to this planet? Your actions cause destruction and death, I wish for you to cease this otherwise I will be forced to make you leave!", Odin addresses the Celestial. He knows what is wrong of course but he doesn't want to let others know about that. 

{Pain ... Pain ... the Horde ... LEAVE}

The Celestial doesn't talk like humans do. He transmits his thoughts and if you're not strong enough, you could die. Odin protected Gaea and the kids with his power and Gaea was also using her aura to keep the children safe. 


The Celestial attacked Odin. A powerful blast of cosmic energy shot towards Odin. But Odin didn't dodge this attack. He held out his hand in front of him and blocked the blast. Slowly a ball of cosmic energy was being formed and as soon as the Celestial stopped, Odin held a giant bubble of said energy above his palm. He then imbued it with his own energy and sent it back. 



An explosion was the result as the giant sphere of power impacted Zgreb. He was blasted back and fell on his back. The planet shook and tremours were the result, causing earthquakes. 

Zgreb's form began to shine in a green and red light. He wasn't able to form coherent thoughts anymore. Black substance started to leak from the damage, Odin's blast had caused. A wormhole opened and swallowed Zgreb. And a second later another one opened above Odin. Zgreb appeared above the planet and pointed his palm at Odin. 

Enormous power was gathering in his palm and Odin narrowed his eyes. He reached out and similar to a certain pirate from a pirating story, he grabbed hold of the sky. 


The powerful energy blast that was holding cosmic power of the purst degree, was blasted towards Earth and Odin. Should that blast hit the planet, it would impale the planet and the planet's core like nothing and erase the Earth from existence. And this was a weakened Celestial. 

Odin pulled the sky as if it were a blanket with all his might. Everything in front of him and all around the globe, was flipped upside down. The Celestial who was in the air as well as his energy attack weren't spared either. In one moment everything was normal and the ginormous blast was heading towards the planet and in the next ... everything was upside down. 

Odin, still holding on to the sky, created waves as if he were shaking out a blanket. This caused waves to appear and the energy attack changed directions. Instead of down, it was now heading up. Odin's pulling and shaking of the sky coupled with his power over time, caused Zgreb to change place and appear in front of his own blast. 


The mother of all explosions was heard and Odin acted fast. The energy that was released from this attack would still destroy all life on the planet and he didn't allow this. 

His feet were standing on the ground and began to vibrate, unseen to the naked eye. From his feet, these vibrations began to affect the entire planet and everything was vibrating at a frequency that was unknown to science or magic. It was a frequency that Odin had just invented. 

Then a giant sphere of green light surrounded the Earth and caused it to be frozen in time. With a thought the entire planet and the sky that was one: enveloped by the Still Force sphere and two: vibrating at a special frequency vanished from that moment in reality. 


A wave of energy permeated space where the Earth had just been a moment ago. And in the next moment, the planet appeared again, at the exact same spot as it was before. 

Odin had used the Speed Force and the Still Force to move Earth forward in time while stopping time on the planet itself, to make sure it was protected and wouldn't break into its atoms.


Odin observed Zgreb who was now very hurt and was close to dying to the Horde. Unlike what others might think, he was in no hurry. Time stopped being that relevant to him. 

He rose into the air and used the Odin Force as well as the Still Force. He waved his hand in front of him. Immediately the lands reverted back to their original state and maybe even better than before. 

Gaea and the children were watching the 'fight' or rather, the confrontation between Odin and the Celestial happen couldn't help but marvel at the prowess that Odin displayed. Thor had literal stars in his eyes and Aldrif did as well. She wanted to reach that level too. 

Gaea on the other hand had a loving smile on her face when she felt Odin not only repair the damage but also enrich her with his energy and give her a small boost in strength. 

"Now Celestial ... shall we finish this?", Odin said to no one but looked up, seeing the dying Celestial floating in space.