Ochanya Book


She's Ebony She's slim She's tall Ochanya Rita Ameh absolutely hates all this things about herself and desperately wants to look beautiful like the wealthy Alia Williams. He's fair He's handsome He's wealthy But one thing he needs desperately; a child. Leonard Okoro is a wealthy and well reknowned artist and photographer, he has always loved children and can't wait to have one of his own. She's fair She's pretty She's wealthy Alia Williams is a nice jovial person and also a philanthropist, she loves to help people who needs help but she isn't interested in marriage or having kids, she just wants to live her life making more and more fortune. He's well built He's handsome He's arrogant Tobi Daramola is a handsome and arrogant man, he owns the most popular gymnasium in Nigeria, he's a gym instructor, he's rich and desperately needs a love life to top it all. These people needs just one thing in their lives, read and find out what happens in this love square novel... It's one of a kind and I'm sure you'll love it, it's intriguing. Ochanya. Read and Enjoy OCHANYA


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