28 Chapter Twenty Seven : His Jealousy

"Alpha? "

Suddenly a voice called the emperor from behind. I turned back to come face to face with Ian.

He was standing there clueless. Confused about the position I was in with the emperor.

The emperor was still holding me. My one wrist was still in his grip, his another hand on my waist. I pushed him away.

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"You want something? " he asked Ian calmly. No trace of the craziness he started moments ago.

"I went to your room to give you the night clothes, but you were not there," Ian replied to the emperor. But his eyes were not leaving mine. He was still frustrated.

"I will go to my room," I said calmly.

I was about to leave when the emperor said from behind,"seven days it is." I turned back. He continued with a smirk, "prove your worth."

I did not reply to him. I came back to my room. The tightness of the gown was shortening my breathes. I decided to change it.

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