35 Chapter Thirty Four : Awaken

I coughed blood. Ian's hand was pierced deep inside. My vision was blurring. I heard loud screams. "Ella," Alex cried out.

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The war paused for the five of us. I tried to have one final look at Alex.

"Lexa," I called out my wolf inside. "You are free to go. Don't die with me. Remember what the oracle said back then after Zen rejected me? We have the privilege to survive as separate entities if one of us dies. Take my child with you, please, " I begged.

But there was an awkward silence. Lexa wasn’t responding. I was feeling dizzy. The pain was not touching me anymore. I was slowly closing my eyes.

Third person's pov :

Alex and Zen were fighting the emperor. Right after Ian attacked Ella, Alex turned back within seconds. He growled in pain and anger. His wolf lost control. The angrier his wolf became the mightier it turned into.

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