1 The patient

She kept on rolling on the bed, her hands tightened on the quilt. Her forehead was filled with sweat. She kept on muttering the same word faintly.

The night of that incident was still so livid on her mind. She tightened her hold on the quilt more as she it kept replaying on her dream.

"Andy.... don't... Lea... me... Andy... Andy" She kept on saying. As she saw the car that ended Andy's life nearing them, she screamed so loud. The scream alerted the doctors and nurses that were on duty. They all pushed the door open and found their patient totally disheveled. Her face was soaked with tears. Her eyes were red from prolonged crying. She was breathing heavily like someone who had ran a marathon.

The nurses came closer to her and she

started pleading with them, "please let me go" I need to find Andy, please let me go."

She kept on pleading until the nurses gave her a dose of an Anaesthesia. She soon slept off.

The medical personnels sighed in frustration. This was how their night had been for the past two weeks this patient was brought in. Her survival was a miracle because the patient who was brought in along with her died even before he was brought to the hospital. It was so tragic. They looked at the sleeping patient and shook their head. This patient was lucky because the person who caused the accident was good enough not to flee from the scene, like many people do.

The patients that were brought in looked like lovers, but unfortunately one died. It was going to take more than medical efforts to make the living one survive the emotional breakdown. They were given instructions to make sure she lived. Well... that was what they were going to do.

George walked into the hospital very early in the morning with his assistant in tow. He had been so disorganized lately that his normal neatly combed hair looked disheveled.

He had killed someone with his own car and he had to take responsibility for it. He had been trying to get to the dead persons family but he couldn't get to them.

The only hope he had right now is the surviving victim. He had made sure she got the best treatment from the best doctors in town. They told him that she often had nightmares. He hoped she would forgive him for the sin he committed against the two of them. He had always been careful on the road but on this case he wasn't. He got flustered by the news he heard from his assistant and lost his cool.

His board of directors were having a meeting on how to overthrow him. They wanted to change the CEO and appoint someone else.

Anyways he proved to them that he was still the boss. He knew how to play that game more than them. His only problem was that he wanted to make sure that no one found out about the accident. They would totally use it against him. He couldn't let them snatch away the company he built by himself from the scratch.

He went straight to the VIP section. As soon as the doctors saw him they followed him and gave him a run down on the recent developments and observations. He hadn't gone to see her ever since he started taking care of her. He preferred talking to the doctors about her condition. After which he would deposit more money for extra care and attention. He didn't want to admit it but he was scared of her. He wasn't ready to face her.

He wondered what his fate would be if she died. It would leave him with two corpse to bury. What if their family decides to visit them, or starts looking for them after a while. What would he do. Does that mean that he would have to clear every record of that accident?

He earnestly prayed that this lady survived, else, he would have a bigger problem to solve.

After the short visit he left the hospital discreetly, making sure that no one was on his tail. He went back home. It had been three days since he last went home. He wanted to assure his parents that he was still alive.

His father almost fainted out of high blood pressure when he told them that he had killed someone with his car. His mother also panicked and ever since then, they had been praying earnestly for the betterment of the other victims health.

His sister was also having a hard time since her beloved brother was in a very difficult situation. No one knew for sure how the patient would react to the fact that she lost her partner. She would probably kill herself when she finds out that her bills were paid by the same person who caused the accident.

He took off his coat and his mother led him to dining. She didn't know that he would be coming home tonight. So the meal wasn't so appealing, because she had given the left overs to the servants.

He quietly ate the food without much complaint which was unlike him. He always scolded the cook or talked to his father about the company but for the past two weeks, he had been mooody.

Seeing the way her son looked Mrs. Wellington decided to go and visit the victim or maybe go to the church. It had been long since she last went there but she could not watch her son breakdown. The burden he was carrying was too young for his shoulders. If she had a way to avert it to herself she would have done so, but, it was not possible. She watched him eat in thoughts. He sometimes stayed still for a long time and then eat. This worried her so much.

Just then George's younger sister ran down the stairs when she saw her brother. She was a spendthrift and her brother provided everything she wanted. She rode the most expensive car to school. Her classmates envied her because of that. She was old enough to understand that if an enemy found out about what her brother was going through, he would take advantage of the situation. If that happened she might loose the luxury she's enjoying now.

The only thing she could offer was support to her brother, so that he would think straight and know how to get out of the situation.

"Brother!" She squeaked happily, and ran closer to the dining.

"Rose has really missed you. You don't love me anymore brother. Seems like you have a girlfriend now!"

She said with a puppy face, acting really cute.

"No one told me you were back.... What did you buy for me?"

As soon as George heard her voice his eyes softened. He was even wondering when she would come downstairs with her nagging. She was the only person that made home lively. He loved his little sister that he was willing to go broke for her.

She had once told him that she would be the one to choose his wife.

"Rosie, how are you?"

She went straight to where George sat and sat on his legs.

"Brother I miss you, you no longer care about me, you are no longer giving me the attention I want." She said.

"Alright, we'll go shopping on weekend and you'll buy the latest Chanel handbags and makeups. New clothes inclusive. Anything you want I'd be sure to provide."

As soon as she heard the promises her brother made to her. She felt loved again. She was going to show off her new handbags to her friends in school. Perhaps, that boy she had been crushing on would eventually ask her out. She blushed as she thought of that.

"Alright Brother, be sure to keep your promise!"

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