Obsession turns into sweet love Book

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Obsession turns into sweet love


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Sriste parkar ,24 year old.. is a sweet bt serious girl.She has been in relationship for 6 year with her bestfriend Albert Alistano.He is so much caring about her.she is e bubbly girl.She belived that she have to give her varginty after her marriage and Albert don't have any problem in this. River Romano ,29 year old ...is a arrogent , cold, ruthless businessman in los angles..he has some power to control the full los angeles.he is smoking hot guy..all girls are drooling over him ..he dosn't give a damn..he belived in love bt don't want be loved.. what would happened when he see a girl in yellow dress in airport ..only her back makes him crazy..he can't even find her because she isn't belong to this country....he meet her after a long search and made her to break up with her love ...and made her his wife ... how will sriste react when she found out her dad is in danger..and in front of her love she have to marry a obssessive crazy person. when he wants to come close to her...she can"t even deny him...because he gave threat to her.... After thair wedding she is able to fall for him after some time .....and turned him a sweet loving person..his love was dengerous .... WARNING: the story has mature content..... 《THIS STORY FROM MY PERSONAL IMAGINATION...DONT COPY IT PLEASE...》


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