"I trusted you more than anything in my life." He said struggling with the tangled mess of rope around him that tied him to wherever he was seated. "You're mistake" I said defiantly. "But you could have told me I loved and trusted you enough for you to tell me this." He said again trying to lure me into leaving him. "Listen I'll never ever You Hear It NEVER EVER TRUST THE SON OF MY PARENTS MURDERER. Get that straight in your head and stop babbling about trust because in my life rule number one is to never trust anyone until they earn it" I said stating the truth.

And at that same timeI got a call. "Hello! Please don't do anything to my son please we're justreaching there till then please don't do anything to my son" the voice on theother side pleaded. "Oh my! What pleasure is it to hear your enemy pleading infront of you. I swear to Allah! That I won't do anything to your 'AADHARSHBETA' until you reach here on time! You see but if your timings delay even by asecond I can't guarantee your son's life" I said to them coolly. "Isn't thisthe same way you both killed my parents? So here you go through the same pain."I continued. "Hey! Please! Please! Spare my son! Please" a voice begged fromthe other side. "Ofcourse your son will spared! Only if you, you know manage toreach here in time! So all the best with that" I said and cut the call. "Why?"He asked. "What why?" I repeated in the same tone. "Why are you doing this?" heasked. "You know what it feels like to see your world, I mean your whole worldcrumbling into pieces and burning into ashes in front of your very own eyes andyou stand there just seeing it with your hands tied?" I asked him furiously."No" he answered. "Do you know how it feels like to live with that pain andguilt for the rest of your life?" I asked.

 That was it. There was moment ofsilence. "Listen whatever you're doing I totally understand that its because myparents murdered yours. Killing my parents will give a satiation for yourvengeance but its not the permanent solution." He tried to convince me. Butthis after coming till point I can't back out. "See that's thing! You don'tknow about your parents. Who are they! What are they! And if I tell you, youare not gonna believe me. So PASS." I said. It was true that I love him. But Ican't afford to become weak at least for my brothers, sister and Ammi I gottabe strong. "Well then enlighten me. I swear to Allah I will trust you" Hepleaded. "You have got 5 more minutes to live. So then say your last wish eventhough its not gonna get fulfilled even you know just a formality." I saidpuckering my face. "I wanna know the truth. You know the 'EXACT TRUTH'" Hesaid, I hesitated a moment and decided not to grant that wish. Umm...Anything else just not that okay?" I said roughly. "Okay! I know that whatever I'm gonna ask is just too much but if you have really loved me than please please after you kill me and parents take care of my siblings please?" He pleaded. "Okay."I accepted because I was in his shoes once. Seeing your parents brutually beaten up by a monster who brutually raped his own flesh and blood in front of your eyes and a merciless woman who threatened to kill your siblings and also nearly killed one is the worst impact that could make on a teenager with rebellious thoughts. I didn't want all this drama to happen. But still my so called 'hubby' who is tied up right now needed to know what exactly happened to me when I was in that place a decade or so ago.

"Shilok beta!" Just then I heard a voice. I took my revolver out and pointed at that person's so called head and before any of could realize THUD THUD . "I shot the bullets in the forehead of Shilok's parents. "Zabiya! What the hell did you do? Why the hell did you do?" Shilok yelled at me. "You see you should be happy that I give your parents a oneway ticket without any pain unlike them thrashing up my parents and your father especially who raped his own flesh and blood and left her to die" I said flinching at the last statement. "What? Who?" he asked me confusedly. "The right person to tell you will be Ryan Bhayu!" I said.........


 Hi guys this is Scottvee here this is my first ever experience in authoring a book and apparently I'm new too in this field and my book doesn't have cover too! 

So please do excuse my mistakes and and do comment even if its offensive its totally fine and this story will surely be edited.