Oblivious Ties
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Oblivious Ties


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What is Oblivious Ties

Read Oblivious Ties novel written by the author AmeRei on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Historical Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, love, princess, fate. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"I don't suppose we could see each other again, could we?" "I think you already see me quite enough." Lilian Jursila is a princess to the Kingdom of Freingar. She lives a lonely life without any friends or no special lover to complete her life. That is until her parents tell her that they have arranged a marriage for her on her 18th birthday and that they have arranged when she was born. Lilian has to marry the Prince of the Kingdom Lupita and being all introverted and alone, she freaks out. Being all overwhelmed by the sudden news she tries to take her mind away from the marriage by heading down to the nearest village to the castle she has lived in til now. Over at the village, she experiences many different things and people, one of which is a kind and peculiarly handsome commoner who sells rich materials with beautiful patterns. Locking her eyes with him she knows that her love is towards him and no one else however, her parents have already arranged the marriage to the Prince and with her being just over 3 months away from her wedding, she tries to find a way to get approval of her first love than her destined love.


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Do read this story if you want an MC which is different to that you have seen before. The choice of words used comes together nicely to tell the story and I enjoy reading the story and seeing how the plot unfolds. The MC is certainly different than every other MC I've read before. I would like to see what happens between her and the prince.


Nice story so fare. I like it. I hope the Author is able to write more as I am intrigued to see what happens next. Make sure to work hard to finish the story and I hope you get better at writing!


I try my best to write stories that make readers want to read more and although I have been writing for some time now, I hope to get even better at writing stories and getting my story across. In this story, I want to write around 10 chapters where the protagonist develops character at a steady pace. I just hope everyone keeps on reading and that they vote for this story so it can get featured.


I think even though there is one chapter out that you can develop the storyline of the book onto an interesting story and make it an overall good book but I also think if you are trying to make it a long book it will eventually start to become harder if you just try to come up with origional ideas because it will get limited very quickly into a set type of storyline.


The story info makes people want to just start reading which I did. When I started reading it, I got surprised by how it went out... Though it was just a few chapters, it makes me want to continue reading! I like to question whether the book cover is related to the story. Because if it does... Author! Did you made it? I can't believe how oblivious the female lead is...


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