The sound of the punch rocked through the bathroom as I tried to stand up

"Keep on getting up pussy? fight back" Dallevante said.

I said nothing and did nothing. Only to be meant with another hit.


I fell to the floor, tasting copper in my mouth

"Damn, the retard can't seem to understand what fight back means", Dallevante said.

His friends laugh at his every joke.

"So, you're gonna snitch on us and think you're gonna get away with it. Come on Aston, we from the hood, everybody in this room are. You should know better by now, but retards are gonna do what retards gonna do" he said smiling, before throwing another punch.

The punch landed true, striking me across the face, knocking out teeth.

"I didn't snitch." I said through busted teeth.

"Then who was it man, tell me. I don't want to be wasting my time on you if you didn't do it." Dallevante said, faking sadness

"I don't know." I tried to say, pain rating from my mouth.

"Well, we have to keep going until you remember." his tormentor said, reading another punch

Till they heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom.

"Shit, dawg, teach!" one of them said

Dallevante looked and saw the teacher coming out. "Well, look like our talk is over, my friend. See ya tomorrow!" He said, with a wink before running away.

I layed on the floor for a couple minutes before slowly getting up painfully.

A teacher can into the bathroom and shriek when she saw me

"Aston, what happened to you!" the teacher said.

"Nothing" I whispered

"Dont lie, I can see the blood in your mouth. Your coming with me, now" said said, before taking my hand

Taking her hand, I got up and caught myself in the mirror. Scuffed, unkempt hair, busted teeth courtesy of Dallevante, wearing a dirty old green coat mixing pretty well with my black skin.

She helped me out of the bathroom. Wearrived in the nurse office where I sat down and the nurse started to work on me. She brought out some gauze and put it in my mouth to stop the bleeding.

"Aston, i'm gonna ask you again, who did this to you? I know you was attacked, so who was it?" The teacher asked again.

I wanted to tell, but I knew better.

"I fell" I lied weakly

"Ok, just know that we can help you if you don't tell us" she said, exhausted

"you can help me if i told you, dumbass", I wanted to yell in face. "You can tell that she new here"

The teacher left after realizing I wasn't gonna give up my attackers and the nurse managed to stop the bleeding and wanted to call my mom.

"She as work, she can't come" I lied

The nurse's face confirmed that she didn't believe me of course, giving the type of kids who attend this school, but she let me go to class anyway.

I heard the bell ring for last period and enter my class and sat down.

"Hello, everybody, time for some math today!" the teacher said, before giving out papers to the class

Looking down on the paper, I saw it was a tell the time worksheet

"I'M in the 11th grade, but im in special ed, so i get 5th grade work", I was seething but at the end I hunkered down and began to work.


The bell rang and I grabbed my bookbag and left the classroom. My mouth still hurts from its visit from Dallevante and I saw people look at me while I walk, pitying while keeping their distance from me.

"Don't want to do anything, don't want to get hurt, but that won't help them", he thought as he walked to the bus lane.

Sitting on the concrete, i took out my phone.h The busted cracked screen flicker on.

"No messages, no voicemails, usual", I said before putting it away

"Are you sure i packed everything?" a voice said

I turned my head and saw a black girl and guy walking together, hands interlocked

"Yes, babe, i check your junk yesterday, you good" the guy said

"You say that, but bet we forget something" the girl snapback looking anxious

"Don't worry, if we forget something, which we won't. We can just buy it" the guy said while smiling

"Just another rich folks", I thought, losing interest in the conversation, taking out my old headphones and putting them on, waiting for the bus.

"I hope you right, it's tomorrow right" the girl said

"Yeah, man, can't wait to see the mountains, lakes, and you of course" the guy responded

"Clayton!, we in public" the girl said "Besides, i'm pretty sure we'll get separated, anyway"

"K, i just sneak in at night, on some sleeping beauty type shit" Clayton responded pulling the girl close

"And get caught and get your ass sent home early." the girl said laughing "your watched to many disney movies"

I increased the volume, tuning them out again and opened my bookbag. It was filled with papers upon papers, books, and folders stuffed in there without care. Shuffling through it I found what I was looking for.Taking it out, I saw that it was a permission slip

'Hello, we are interesting on taking your child to Summerdale, NOrth Carolina for a trip to countryside and trying to embrace nature and the wildness'

"Yep, didn't get it signed. His mom was either dealing with some other dude and was just gone." I thought.

I sighed and put it back in the bag when the bus came around. I got up and went up the steps and sat down, facing out the window.


The bus arrived at my apartment and I got off the bus. Looking up at the old and dilapidated building where I call home. I quickly walked to the door, pressed in the code and swung the door open . Walking through the hallway towards my apartment door, doing my best to ignore the graffiti and trash that littered the hall. I reached the front door, apartment 4-B

"I didn't want to go in,Really didn't, but what choice do I have?"

I took out my key, put in the know and swung the door open.

And there was nothing

"She is not here", I said, half sad, half relieved.

"Now, i can't get the paper signed", I said, taking the bookbag off. My anger is rising.

Moving towards my room, ignoring the ashes, cigarettes, and brown liqueir on the living room table. I entered the closet that was my room. An old laptop beside the bed, the tv on top of the dresser, all of the movies shoved into boxes in a corner. I went to the nightstand and opened it, taking out a can of bed bug spray. Spraying and nearly emptying the can on and around the bed. Once I couldn't breathe due to the spray, I stopped and put it away.

Coughing and nose running, I sat on the bed and took out the laptop. Turning it on, I went to my favorite conspiracy theories site

Looking through the Veil.

A site filled with people like him, always questioning, never letting other people tell what to think

Going to the aliens subforum, I saw that it was a thread that was hot.

'Black Knight Satellite moving!!!'

Looking at posts from the thread, I gathered that the famous Black Knight Satellite is moving away from the Earth. I looked at what people were saying.

You logged on as FraudFacade

Topic: Black Knight Satellite


I gearing up and getting the hell out of dodge and yall should to


@Wardog: I understand the fear here, but if it's going to attack us why is it going further away? It doesn't make any sense


Orbital bombardment


@Skyeye Again like i said, they would have done it already if they wanted to. Perhaps they are just studying us?


@Tinking Studying us for what, contact?


@Ciguard possible

We have to watch them, see what they do next



How are we supposed to know what they are gonna do? they are aliens



If they are studying us, we may have the ability to quest what they are gonna do. Maybe our thought process rubbed off on them.


@FraudFacade sorry, mate. Way too optimistic for me.


@FraudFacade Maybe, but we can't count on it. It DOesn't matter how much of us rubbed off, we don't know anything about them. What their motives, viewpoints, morality, or what they even look like.

I saw the understanding in both WarDog and QueenG, but even if aliens were in this satellite, there is no reason for them to hurt us.

"Why destroy what you are observing. That's like a zoo killing all of the animals one day", I though

I decided to leave the thread for now, opening another tab and looking up info about this Summerdale that I was going to. According to Wikipedia, some news articles, and the town official site, it was a small town, population only about 19,000. It apparently had great views and is famous for having the Pleasant Park Resort, FOunded by some old rich dude back in the 1890s.

It had a thriving mom and pops shop across town and was the birthplace of a few musicians, only boosting its economy and popularity.

I looked at the clock on the laptop,


"Just gonna wait to see if she comes back", I thought. I booted up Villians and Mecranies, the greatest strategy game and listened to some music to pass the time.


The room was quiet as the people in it quickly absorbed the information that they just had been given. .

A white man sitting in the center rubbed his forehead.

"So, what is the plan here" the man asked,tired from everything

"We are continuing to monitor the anomaly, Mr.President" a black man in a suit said

"Thank you, Mr.Turner", The President said.

He turned to a white man in military uniform

"Can our nuclear weapons reach the anomaly?", The President asked the man

"Yes, but we don't know if it will be effived against it, Mr.President" He respond, bleaky

"OK, so does anybody have good news?" The President said, getting anxious

The occupants of the room looked around at each other with worried looks.

"What about Russia and China?" The President asked

"They are also tracking and planning to deal with the anomaly" Mr.Turner

"Good, have your men look into it, we cant have other illtegicne agencies keep the upper hand in this" The President responded

"What do you want us to do?" a middle aged woman asked

"Get your best scientist on this" The President told her quickly.

Mr.Turner and the woman both nodded their heads and took out their phones.

"We need everybody, this will be the biggest threat that we will hopefully face as a county" The President said darkly.

"And if the anomaly comes down?" The woman said

"DEFCON 2 at the minimum, be ready to go 1, if needed. Be ready to evacuate major cities immatley" He responded, sternly

Everybody in the room slowly absorbed the seriousness of the President's words.

"Pray to you god or whatever you believe in." he said "let's hope they hear you"

The meeting was essentially over after that.

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